Author: Manh Nguyen Tien

Published on: 2024-03-16

The Strong Dollar (cont.)

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We’ve made several predictions of the market in February 2024.
Now since the new conditions have formed, let’s look at markets more closely.

Next targets for the USD

  1. Dollar Index DXY:
    We see that the currency index will reach 106 levels in coming weeks.
    Meaning other directly correlated currencies are going to decline, including the Euro, Yen, Pound, …

  2. EUR/USD:
    Which is the main market that we are active at.
    Long-term level is expected to be around 1.06.

Possible moves related to other markets

Gold and BTC will continue to decline as they had breached multiple ATHs recently.
Stay tuned for next market updates from BlackFox.