Author: Manh Nguyen Tien

Published on: 2024-06-04

The Strong Dollar (end.)

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Following up with the post in March 2024.
Here is our opinions on markets and is the last part of Dollar prediction for this year.

Dollar starts easing

  1. DXY - Dollar Index:
    This has been happening since early April, so we’re updating a little bit late.
    To give another prediction, we think that Dollar will return under 103.5 levels, very much close to exact 103.

  2. EUR/USD:
    Returning to 1.095 levels. We’ll update on other social media if it may reach 1.1.


To wrap up our series of prediction for the Dollar starting from early this year:
“Starting from Q1 - 2024, we believe that the Dollar will regain its strength in the currency market and this may last till Q2.”

The market has been following this course closely. Furthermore, the reach to 106 levels and that EUR/USD retraced from 1.06 were exactly predicted.